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At IFB, we are here to help you reach your financial objectives. Our state of art customer service will help you transact in shortest time and with minimum efforts.)

Head Office
UAE, Dubai, Reqqa Road, CBI Building, 1st Floor.
Tel: +971-4-2126326
Fax: +971-4-2989941
P.O. Box: 4449 Dubai

IFB online trading platform is designed to provide effective solutions customized to provide convenient medium for execution.

The IFB trading platform features an easy-to-navigate all-in-one interface that presents the trader with all functionality and relevant information on one screen. The interface is divided into several windows, each providing both a customizable set of information fields and set of functionality. All data is updated live, and all values are re-calculated for every tick, instantly reflecting each movement of the market.

The trading platform is flexible to accommodate different trading styles and models, and has specific functionally for money managers.

The IFB trading platform is hosted at a high-capacity secure data center, providing redundancy, security, fault-tolerance, and high-speed order execution.

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